Sales Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. All goods sold are non-returnable and non-refundable.

  2. Customer should present this sales memo upon collection of the products(s) as shown herein. Customer shall collect or receive products by due date on collection notice or within 60 days from the date of the sales memo (whichever is earlier); otherwise the Company shall be entitled to forfeit the amount paid and dispose the product at its absolute discretion without any liability.

  3. Customer shall fully pay the Company before the delivery of the product; otherwise the Company shall withhold the delivery of the product.

  4. This sales memo serves as an official receipt for the amount paid as shown herein and the Company reserves the right to charge on issuance of any other form of receipt. Details please refer to the current fee table.

Notes to Delivery and Installation - Online Delivery Service Charge Table

  1. All delivery dates and times quoted by the Company are estimates only and the Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred or suffered by customer as a result of late delivery of the product.

  2. Additional fee will be imposed for the following situations, Please refer to store staff or our website, for the current fee table.

    1. Should customer want to reschedule delivery appointment, customer shall contact Customer Service Hotline not later than 2 working days (working day denote Monday to Friday excluding General Holidays) before the scheduled delivery date.

    2. Should delivery failure caused by customer, including but not limited to incorrect delivery address or contact information provided by customer, or nobody was present at the delivery address at the scheduled delivery date and time.

    3. The Company and its suppliers have preset delivery schedule. Should customer request delivery arrangement on non-scheduled date and/or time.

    4. The delivery truck (5.5 tones or above) is not able to enter the main entrance of the delivery address, or there are no lift facilities in the building of the delivery address or the lift facilities cannot be used or are not suitable for delivery.

    5. Storage Charge on accumulative basis. Less than 30 days count as 1 month.

    6. If storage period exceeded for 6 months, GALLEON HOME LIMITED has the right to take further action or may release for resell purpose without prior notice.

  1. Delivery will be delayed or cancelled when Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above or Black Rainstorm warning signal is hoisted on the scheduled delivery date or the day before. The Company shall contact customer to reschedule the delivery within 2 working days.

  2. Customer should ensure the item ordered can be physically delivered to the delivery address and be assembled therein. The Company bears no responsibility for any such failure.

  3. Customer should take care of their own furniture, interior decoration, floor, wall and other properties during the delivery and installation process. The Company bears no responsibility for any damage caused.

  4. Customer should carefully inspect the quantity and quality of the item before acknowledgment of receipt. Upon acknowledgment, the Company shall be discharged from any liability for the sales.

7-day Exchange Guaranteeterms and conditions

  1. Customer can enjoy “7-Day Return and Exchange Guarantee” for purchased Products via Galleon.

  2. Customer should contact store to apply for exchange within 7 days from the date of goods receipt.

  3. Customers can exchange any goods with same or higher price value by paying the price difference; exchanged goods with lower price, price difference will not be refunded.

  4. Any promotional bonus such as free gifts, redeemed gifts, gift certificates, coupon or discounted items conditional upon the purchase of specific items, etc. must accompany the returned items for a refund. If Customer fails to return the promotional bonus or if the promotional bonus was used or damaged, Customer has to pay an equivalent amount as stipulated by Galleon.

  5. When exchange, Customer has to pay for the free service used during the purchase, including but not limited to delivery service.

  6. Exceptions to ”7-Day Exchange Guarantee”:

    1. Furniture, special discount item, display items, inferior items, textile items, bedding items, mattresses, glassware, fragile items, light bulbs, decorative lighting, fluorescent tubes, paint, plants, large electrical appliances, tailor-made items (including sofa, tailor-made furniture, tailor-sized furniture, etc.), special ordered items (including electrical appliances, flooring order on request items, etc.), household services and items so specified on the sales memo.

    2. No return or exchange on items without all accompanying accessories, manuals and blank warranty cards.

    3. No return or exchange on large furniture and large appliances items after goods receipt.

  1. For items with inherent quality defects, customer should contact store within 7 days from the date of goods receipt. Inherent quality defects do not include the followings:

    1. Measurement discrepancy (width, depth or height) within +/- 1 inch with mattresses or sofas arising from manufacturing process.

    2. Measurement discrepancy (width, depth or height) within +/- 10mm with wooden furniture arising from manufacturing process.

    3. Any difference between the product and the displayed item arising from the nature of materials, such as leather and wood pattern.

Legal Notice and Disclaimer

  1. The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from delay or failure to perform any of the terms and conditions where such delay or failures is due to the causes beyond control of the Company including without limitation to war, riots, act of God, restraints imposed by government or any other industrial or trade disputes, fires, explosions or other calamities.

  2. Customer shall not assign, transfer or otherwise any of its rights and obligations under these terms and conditions to any other third party without prior written consent from the Company.

  3. Any notice or consent to be given by the Company to customer may be given personally or by post or facsimile or electronic means to the address, phone number or email address specified on the front pages or as notified by customer. Such notice shall be deemed to have been received by customer immediately if transmitted by facsimile or electronic means or when personally delivered and one day after dispatch by post.

  4. No failure or delay of the Company to exercise any right power or remedy under these terms and conditions shall operated as a waiver. The rights, powers and remedies provided in these terms and conditions are cumulative and are not exclusive of any other rights.

  5. If any provisions of these terms and conditions shall be construed to be illegal or invalid, they shall not affect the legality, validity and enforceability of the other terms and conditions.

  6. These terms and conditions embody the entire understanding between the Company and customer and there are no promises, terms or conditions, oral or written expressed or implied other than those contained herein.

  7. Should there be any query; customer should contact Customer Service Hotline or the invoicing store immediately.

  8. Customer confirms that all information provided by customer is accurate. Collection of personal data is subject to the terms and conditions stated in the policy statement, please refer to notice displayed at the Company stores or contact the Company’s customer service officer.

  9. The Company reserves the right to cancel or vary these terms and conditions in accordance with the law without prior notice.

  10. These terms and conditions are written in both English and Chinese. In case of inconsistency, the English version shall prevail. These terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China ("Hong Kong") and in case of any dispute the parties shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong.



  1. 所有貨品不設退貨及退款。

  2. 顧客必須憑單據取貨。如顧客未能於發票日期起計六十天內或已約定收貨日子內收取貨品,本公司有權自行處置該貨品及相關款項。

  3. 顧客須於本公司送貨前繳付購買貨品之全部款項, 否則本公司有權不作出生產及送貨安排。

  4. 此發票為所顯示之已付金額之正式收據;如顧客要求其他任何方式之收據,本公司將保留收取額外手續費之權利。詳情請參閱收費表

送貨安裝注意事項 - 網店送貨服務收費表

  1. 送貨日期或時段僅為本公司之估計,如有任何延誤或因此而引致任何後果,本公司概不負責。

  2. 如遇以下情況,顧客需繳付附加費用,收費表詳情請向店員或查閱本公司網站

    1. 顧客未能於已約定送貨日期前最少兩個工作天,聯絡本公司作出送貨日期或時段更改,須要重新安排送貨。

    2. 顧客提供的送貨地址有誤,或於約定時段內沒有人簽收貨品,須要重新安排送貨。

    3. 顧客要求本公司編定的送貨日期或時段以外的送貨安排。

    4. 若送貨之貨車(5.5公噸或以上)不能直達樓宇大門而需要推運貨品,或樓宇沒有升降機或所購貨品不能或不獲批准進入升降機而需要由樓梯搬運上樓。

    5. 儲倉費將會每月以累積計算,不足30天亦當1個月計算。

    6. 如貨品暫存超過6個月,GALLEON HOME LIMITED 有權採取適當行動或再作銷售用途,且不作另行通知。

  1. 如遇上八號或以上颱風訊號或黑色暴雨警告,當日及翌日之送貨服務可能會延遲或取消,供應商或本公司將於兩個工作天內聯絡顧客再作安排。

  2. 顧客需確保訂購貨品能符合樓宇之尺寸或其他環境限制,如有關因素而導致所購貨品不能進屋或安裝等,本公司恕不負責。

  3. 在收貨及安裝期間,顧客須小心保管及保護其他傢俬、傢具、地板、牆壁、裝飾及財物等,如有任何損毀,本公司恕不負責。

  4. 顧客須在簽收貨品前小心檢查及點清貨品數量,一經簽收後,本公司毋須再對該貨品負任何責任。


  1. 顧客可享有「七天換貨保證」。

  2. 顧客必須在收貨起七天內聯絡門市辦理換貨申請。

  3. 顧客可更換任何同等價值或高於同等價值的貨品、及袛需補付貨價的差額;商品價格如低於原購買價格,差額恕不退回。換貨之貨品必須未經使用、未拆包裝、無任何損毀及刮花痕跡。

  4. 換貨時須一併退還附送的贈品、換購品、禮券、優惠券或因購買指定貨品而享有優惠的貨品等禮品,如顧客未能退還、禮品已使用或損壞,則需繳付由Galleon所釐定的該等禮品之現金等值。

  5. 顧客購物時享用的免費服務,包括但不限於送貨服務,於退貨時須繳付與該服務等值的款項。

  6. [七天換貨保證]不適用於以下貨品及情況:

(i) 傢俬、特別折扣貨品、陳列品、次貨、紡織品、床上用品、床褥、床墊、玻璃製品、易碎貨品、電燈泡、光管、燈具、油漆、植物、大型電器、訂造貨品(包括梳化、訂造傢俬、使用尺寸修改服務的傢俬等)、特別訂購貨品(包括電器、地板、代訂貨品等)、家居服務及於發票上指定的貨品備註。

(ii) 未能退還完整配件、說明書及未填寫之保用證的貨品。

(iii) 已收取的大型傢俬及大型電器。

  1. 如貨品因出廠缺陷而導致品質問題,顧客須於收貨起七天內聯絡門市,唯品質問題不包括以下情況:

(i) 因製造過程而造成不超過±1英吋之尺寸差異(長度、闊度或高度)的床褥及梳化。

(ii) 因製造過程而造成不超過±10毫米之尺寸差異(長度、闊度或高度)的木器傢俬。

(iii) 因物料的天然特性而導致貨品與陳列品出現差異,如皮紋和木紋。


  1. 凡由於不是本公司可以控制而引致之延誤或未能履行全部或部分本條款及細則而造成任何損失或損害,其中包括但不限於戰爭、暴動、天災、政府實行的限制或任何其他工業或貿易爭議、火災、爆炸或其他災害,本公司均毋須負責。

  2. 未得本公司發出書面同意之前,顧客不可將本條款及細則的任何權利及責任以分配、轉送或其他形式轉讓給任何其他人等。

  3. 有關發給顧客的通告,本公司可親自交予顧客,或以郵遞、圖文傳真方式或電子方式發送至前頁所載或顧客所通知的聯絡地址、電話或電郵。以電子傳遞或親自發送的通告,皆視作顧客即時收到;以郵遞方式傳送的,則於寄出後一天視作顧客收到。

  4. 本公司未能或延遲行使本條款及細則所載的任何權利、權力或補救辦法,不會視為放棄權利。本條款及細則規定的權利、權力及補救辦法是累積的,而且並不排除法律上任何權利,權力及補救辦法。

  5. 若本條款及細則其中任何條款被解釋為非法或無效,該等條款不得影響本條款及細則內其他條款的合法性、有效性及可執行性。

  6. 本條款及細則包含了雙方的全部協議。除本條款及細則外,並無任何口頭或書面明示、暗示的承諾、條款或條件。

  7. 如有任何問題,顧客請即時致電顧客服務熱線或發票上之門市/同事查詢。

  8. 顧客須確認所提供的資料正確無誤。有關收集個人資料之條款,請參閱本公司之通告或聯絡本公司之客戶服務主任。

  9. 本公司保留在無須預先通知顧客的情況下,按法律規定對本條款及細則作出取消或修訂之權利。

  10. 本條款及細則分中、英文版本,如中、英文版本有任何歧議,概以英文本為準。本條款及細則須以中華人民共和國香港特別行政區("香港")法律詮釋,如有任何爭議,雙方須遵從香港法律的獨有裁判權。